Versions of Workspace

Miro has an ability to go back to a prior version of a workspace. Do you have this feature in Bluescape?

@nzdunic You can Undo and Redo an Action (Web) taken in a workspace, and we are currently working on improvements to showcase workspace activity. Is there a specific use case or problem you are trying to solve by reverting to a prior version of a workspace?

P.S. I’ve moved your post into the product feedback category as other Bluescapers may find a feature like this useful. Feel free to add a vote to the topic!

Here’s how Miro does what I want. The ability to go back to a version from a while ago, like a month, is a huge benefit.

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Thanks for sharing the image. Understanding why going to previous versions is valuable to you helps us ensure it’s built in a way to support you best. Would you elaborate on why this functionality is helpful for you?

Seems obvious to me what the benefits are but here goes.

Going back to another version allows easy rollback to prior versions, just like coder would do.

What is obvious to one may not be to another :wink: This helps, thanks. You’re interested in rolling a workspace back to start working from a previous version rather than simply seeing the changes from one version to the next.

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I know this is an older post, but wanted to chime in anyway. Better late than never, I suppose. I don’t have a single demo or working group without someone asking me about this ‘rollback’ feature. It’s not just about starting work from a previous point, but also configuration management of a workspace. "How does Bluescape handle configuration management is a question I dance around pretty regularly.

There’s also added trust and confidence in a product that can recover more easily from user error. Case in point, one of the very first working groups/trainings I had a new student deleted over 75% of my workspace in the afternoon (which had a large amount of content) and didn’t tell me. I came in the next morning to find all my content erased, with no course of action to take (can’t undo another user’s action). It was a rough day from there on out.

Combine the ability to view the rollback with the ability to create a new workspace from a certain point, and now have a capable branching capability. Super useful.

Even if there was an admin - only function, that would be a start. But ideally, it would be the owner of a workspace would always have to ability to roll back to any point since creation.

I don’t think you’d get to many people hating this feature! Hopefully, now that the action log is available (a great add), this is a next consideration?

Thanks so much for sharing your experience, Nate. It’s helpful for us to know that you’ve had many demos where people are asking about a rollback feature. You make a great point that there is added trust in products where users can recover previously deleted work easily.

Note that a feature request has been submitted for this, with your additional notes for an admin or workspace owner to have permission to perform a rollback.

We will keep you posted if this does get prioritized on the roadmap by our team. We are glad that you are enjoying the activity feed feature - a step in the right direction. :white_check_mark: