Remove myself from a workspace or team

I have previously been added to several workspaces which I no longer wish to be a member of. However, the original owners of the workspaces have left or are unresponsive, and I am stuck with several worthless workspaces taking up space on MyBluescape landing page. How can I get released from these? Members should have the ability to remove themselves from workspaces.

Right away, I’m hearing that Bluescape Home with its new look makes it easier to see what you have/don’t have access to.

I do see how old teams and workspaces might start to clutter your dashboard, though.

Currently, @pltkgvsu, removing yourself from someone else’s workspace is not control members have. This is an excellent feature recommendation, though. I will move your post to the Product Feedback category so other community members can discuss and :arrow_up: vote on your idea.

Part of the issue is that now it defaults to the Team organization and always puts my first view in a team I wish I could leave with a workspace I don’t ever use and want to drop out of… I don’t see how to hide these defunct teams that were left hanging. Note: one is “Bluescape” and the other “Haworth.” Really just want my own organization stuff here. Unfortunately, the people at Bluescape and Haworth who created these must have left as their emails are no longer in use.

To make sure I understand how much access you have/want revoked, are you looking to be removed from 1 or some of the workspaces from either of those teams or removed from 1 or both of those teams entirely? I’m looking into whether either of these scenarios is possible from our end.

One of these is a Bluescape team workspace which was created by Bluescape and I was added as a participant. I would love to be removed from this workspace/team as it is defunct. Contact people’s emails are invalid now. I assume someone at Bluescape can kill this for me.

I would hope someone could just delete the workspace at your end as it was created at your end.

Hello, @pltkgvsu. We are working on removing you from the teams you mentioned. We will update you on our progress as soon as we are able. Thank you for being so patient. :smiley:

Can you please log in and confirm, @pltkgvsu, that you no longer see “Bluescape” under Teams on your Bluescape Home page?

Thanks – it is gone.

Wonderful, @pltkgvsu. We’re making progress. Thank you for working with us to improve your experience.

Can you please log in once more and confirm that you no longer see "Haworth” this time under Teams on your Bluescape Home page? Thank you.

@pltkgvsu Great news! With our recent release, users are now able to leave a workspace. This should solve the issue you were running into previously if you happen to come across it again.