Versions of Workspace

Miro has an ability to go back to a prior version of a workspace. Do you have this feature in Bluescape?

@nzdunic You can Undo and Redo an Action (Web) taken in a workspace, and we are currently working on improvements to showcase workspace activity. Is there a specific use case or problem you are trying to solve by reverting to a prior version of a workspace?

P.S. I’ve moved your post into the product feedback category as other Bluescapers may find a feature like this useful. Feel free to add a vote to the topic!

Here’s how Miro does what I want. The ability to go back to a version from a while ago, like a month, is a huge benefit.

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Thanks for sharing the image. Understanding why going to previous versions is valuable to you helps us ensure it’s built in a way to support you best. Would you elaborate on why this functionality is helpful for you?

Seems obvious to me what the benefits are but here goes.

Going back to another version allows easy rollback to prior versions, just like coder would do.

What is obvious to one may not be to another :wink: This helps, thanks. You’re interested in rolling a workspace back to start working from a previous version rather than simply seeing the changes from one version to the next.

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