Using the Adobe Creative Cloud Plugin

The Bluescape plugin for Adobe Creative Cloud allows you to send content for review from Adobe to Bluescape. This process enables Creators to remain within the Adobe application, while Reviewers examine and approve content from within the Bluescape environment.

After the Bluescape plugin is installed for Adobe Creative Cloud, you can begin using this software with Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop.

Prerequisite : Create content (a document or an image) and save this file to your local machine.

Note: Although you can use any of the supported Adobe applications, this article references Adobe Photoshop. This software is used as an example, and the steps below are delineated to describe the interaction between Adobe Photoshop and Bluescape.

To begin using the Bluescape plugin for Adobe Creative Cloud:

  1. Open one of the supported Adobe applications.

  2. Enter your login credentials.

  3. Ensure you have content (a document or an image) saved to your local machine.

  4. Navigate to Window > Extensions > Bluescape or simply click the Bluescape plugin icon.

  5. Select an Organization

  6. Select a workspace. The Workspace window displays a list of canvases.

  7. Select a canvas. In this example, the For Review canvas is selected.

  8. Click the Upload Image to Canvas button and select the content previously saved to your local machine. This action pushes the content from Adobe to Bluescape. Save this content to your local machine before you can send this content to Bluescape.

  9. Bluescape Reviewers can now see this content from the For Review canvas within the workspace, providing comments and other feedback using a range of annotation tools.

  10. From the Adobe Bluescape plugin, click the Refresh icon. Refresh

  11. Click View Comment to retrieve Reviewer feedback.

  12. Access the original content (document or image) on your local machine.

  13. From the Adobe application, Photoshop in this case, make your edits based on the comments and feedback provided by the Bluescape Reviewer.

  14. Save this edited file to your computer.

  15. Send this updated file to Bluescape by re-accessing the plugin, navigating to the workspace, selecting the For Review canvas, and clicking the Upload Image to Canvas button.

  16. Return to the Bluescape workspace to view the updated content. The workspace displays both content versions, with the updated version appearing to the right of the original.

  17. As a Reviewer, you can group select these assets before accessing Present mode to cycle through both file versions for comparison.

Note : When you upload an image from Adobe Illustrator to Bluescape, you can select a single version from the image, and select from multiple layers, rather than uploading the image in its entirety.

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