Using Bluescape Templates to teach my toddler the Alphabet while she waits for her school spot

Looking for ways to entertain toddlers while they spend morning time at home and at the same time waiting for their spots to be available at the school they have enrolled, can be rewarding and challenging at times. Finding some methods to teach them some topics even before they join school and keeping their attention at the same time, can create some exciting opportunities for parents.

I decided to use Bluescape and create some custom Templates where I can teach my kid the Alphabet, using references to some Disney characters she is so familiar with and matching them with its associated alphabet letter.

Having created the Template and shared with the Organization, it becomes quite handy to place it again and adjust it to add the next set of Alphabet letter.

I decided to use show my kid how each letter looks inside some Notecards, as well as the Disney character whose name starts with that letter, an image of the character so she can easily identify it and lastly, pasting link to a short clip showing one of the scenes of the movie this character belongs to.

Needless to say, my daughter loved it and learned the alphabet completely within a week. I hope this can be helpful for other parents out there. Cheers!


This is really cool! I have a touchscreen laptop that I tried having my daughter use when school was online. I think incorporating some sort of tactile engagement would also benefit the learning process.

Now that the alphabet has been conquered, what’s next for you little one? :thinking:

If kids are not at the point of holding and gripping a pencil yet, maybe Bluescape’s pen would be a cool place to start. :bulb:

It’s also so important to give your kids opportunities to be immersed in tech. Not every family has the means to do so, though. :frowning_face: Paper and pencil help develop necessary skills, but living in our modern world also requires the development of a certain set of skills.

FYI - the words chosen, pictures captured, and videos linked are from Jack Hartmann’s Kids Music Channel. :musical_note:


Thanks for sharing this!!


This is a great idea @Uriel_Aguilar-Chavez! Certainly could’ve used this when my kids were growing up.