How to Plan a Disney Movie Night with Bluescape

The wonderful world of Disney and its canonical movies have had a monopoly over all of our feels for decades. I dare you to name one person who could keep it together when Mufasa…you know…

No spoilers.

So, you want to plan a movie night, but nobody can agree on what to watch or what snacks to bring? Luckily, Bluescape can be used for much more than just project management at the office. I demonstrate this in my Disney Movie Night workspace.

Let’s go over how to use Bluescape to plan the perfect Disney movie night, complete with the perfect spread.

Setting the Mood

First, you must determine the vibe you want to go for.

Do you want to let it all out and cry? Or are you looking for more of a laugh? Or maybe you want to have a movie night/karaoke hybrid with some musicals. If you’re anything like me, you gravitate toward anything spooky.

To maintain a level of democratic spirit, break the vibes up into different canvases with various options that your movie crew can vote on using emojis.

What’s on the Menu?

So, you figured out what to watch. But what snacks would perfectly complement your movie night?

You can use canvases in the same way you used them to vote on a movie, but with food and beverage options that pair well with your designated vibe. Open the workspace up for voting to find the perfect combo that is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

After the Polls Are Closed

Once everyone has cast their vote for their preferred movies and snacks, it’s time to announce the winners.

If it was a close call, no worries – you can appease the partygoers by queuing up the runner-ups for the next movie night. So really, this workspace can be used to schedule two movie nights in one go! We love our efficiency here at Bluescape.

And Now, We Fly!

There you have it! We hope this Bluescape walkthrough inspires you to host your very own movie night complete with the perfect snacks.

Tell us what your ideal Disney movie night would look like in the comments below!