Create Standout Mood Boards

About mood boards in Bluescape

Mood boards in Bluescape are a fun and imaginative way to define the overall vision of your creative projects.

Mood boards are a great way to kick-off an interior design renovation, a new ad campaign for social media, a vision for a new fashion line, or even bucket-list travel destinations. They serve as powerful visual representations of your ideas.
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Creating a mood board in Bluescape is easy and fun. Whether you want to create your own personal mood board or bring in your friends or co-workers to share in the creativity – you have a lot of flexibility to design eye-catching and inspiring boards!

What to include in your mood board

We encourage your workspace to take shape based on what you feel is the right mix of images, texture, text, videos and color! There’s no one size fits all when it comes to creativity and beauty – but we’re here to help give you some ideas.

The best mood boards enable your client or team to see the direction you want to take before investing hours of work into executing the actual project.

So, let’s say you want to create a mood board for your next marketing campaign. You’d start by thinking of the general tonality of your brand, target audience, and how you want to make people feel. The good news is that the uniquely visual nature of a Bluescape workspace can help you check all these boxes.
Marketing Mood Board

How to build your mood board

As an example, let’s say we’re putting together a marketing campaign mood board for a sunscreen brand that keeps you cool while soaking up the sun.

Start with a popsync image search for ‘ocean wave’ to evoke the properties of cooling water. You’ll see a lot of options populate from across the web’s major image sources – very convenient.

Curate images into a collection as a quick way to start your mood board canvas. You can also keep adding to your collection as you search for new image types.

Add shapes for custom colors. In this case, I want blues, cool-tone greys, juxtaposed with some yellow tones.
Upload sketches if you have them or a creative brief or even archival campaign assets if you’re looking to evoke some nostalgia. Click the + icon on the toolbar and then upload or simply drag and drop files directly in the workspace.

Some other ideas to include in the mood board are images that evoke emotions – in my marketing campaign, I want people smiling and feeling great, relaxed but inspired. I also want to include photos of zoomed in details for interest and also zoomed out photos for scale that are more world-building or scene-building.

Finally, perfect your images with cropping or rotating and even consider layering them!
This mood board is really coming to life!
Ocean Mood Board

Refer back to your mood board

The next best thing about building your mood board in Bluescape is that you can continue adding all your next project phases to transform the way you work. From campaign mock-ups, feedback, to iterations all the way to post launch metrics review! Or in the case of a home renovation, see side by sides of before, during, and after captures!

And you always can refer back to the mood board to check if you’re still heading in the right direction. Everyone can collaborate together and stay on the same page. It’s a powerful way to see all your key processes together in one satisfyingly cohesive story!

Have fun creating your next standout mood board in Bluescape. Use the power of visual storytelling and collaboration without the boundaries!

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