From Flash Cards to Ice Breakers, create a Waiting Room Game

Notecards are a classic concept for learning, do you remember:

  • Making and carrying notecards to learn how to conjugate verbs in Spanish?
  • Flash card games to learn basic math, addition, subtraction & multiplication tables?
  • Learning state capitals?


Let’s use the same concept to generate an ice breaker, it only takes a few minutes to create from the Bluescape workspace. This is a fun way to fill in 15-30 seconds of time at the beginning of meetings, where you might be waiting for attendees.


In this example, these Bluescape tools were used:

  1. Notecards + Popsync image search
    Layer objects over each other to ‘hide’ answers in back
  2. Canvas “container”
  3. Run the game using “Present” mode from the Canvas

Some other ideas using this format:

  • HR presentations: Employee faces - Guess their name
  • Company-wide presentations: Fun facts about the company’s history
  • Team meetings: Layer the notecard on top of image, to unveil top performers or key events

Feel free to share how you are adding sub-topics as a means to enrich your meetings & presentations. What other learning methods or games have you created in Bluescape?

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