Uploading images from mobile android app loads new images in the same place every time

Hello, I started to upload images into a workspace using the mobile app (Android) and I noticed that every time I upload a new image it is loaded in the same place in the workspace, on top of any previously existing image in the same place. I uploaded 3 images, one at a time, and I ended up with the 3 images (each one of a different size) piled up on top of the previous one. I had to move the images around to verify they were uploaded correctly. I uploaded them one by one just because the Android UI uploads an image immediately if you just tap on it and do not do a long tap to select one or more images.
I think that the upload operation could put the new images in an empty space in the workspace, not just upload them into what seems to be a pre-fixed place. In the image below, you can see a small image on the top-left corner of the bigger image, the top-left corner of the images align when they are uploaded (it is home made sourdough bread, just in case)
Screenshot 2023-03-09 171752



Hi @vladthegreen! :wave:

First off, that homemade sourdough looks delicious! :bread:

Thank you for sharing your experience with overlapping images upon upload and suggesting improvements. We will pass your feedback to our product team, so that it’s on their radar.

When you upload a single image, the image will load in the center of your viewport. There’s a few things you can do so that images don’t overlap upon upload.

  1. After uploading one image, :pan: (Pan) to a blank area of the workspace and upload another image. For example, the image to the right was the first image uploaded. After I panned to another area in the workspace and uploaded the second image, it did not overlap.

  2. Create a Grid. After you’ve uploaded your images, you can group select all images and click :more_options: (More Options). Select Create Grid and set your preferences for the layout.

Please try these 2 workflows and let us know if they helped you achieve how you’d like to upload/view your images, while we get your feedback to our team. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the information on how to create a grid.

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