"Sorry, no matches were found" Message Appears when Filtering Images by Custom Date in Activity Feed

In Bluescape, when you use a custom filter for images while using Activity Feed, a “Sorry, no matches were found” message appears when image results should be present. Activity Feed may also not respect time zones when applying filters.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open a workspace.
  2. From the :more_options: menu, select Activity Feed.
  3. Select the :filter: (Filter) toggle.
  4. Select Custom interval and enter a date (for example, from July 11 and to date July 11 to view all events for that date).
  5. Select Add interval. Note that all activities for your specific date(s) are present.
  6. Under Object type, select Image. and observe the feed list.

Expected result

The feed list should display image elements added or modified in the custom interval.

Observed result

A “Sorry, no matches were found” message appears.

This issue is resolved in Bluescape version 23.08.2.