Setting a Home or Landing spot in Bluescape

Is there a way to pin a landing spot in bluescape so no matter when you enter the space, you automatically enter the same spot every time?


Not at this time. Currently, the system uses your cached data to return you to the location you were previously at.

A feature request for a landing spot in a workspace has been relayed to our product development team.


Even if the landing spot cannot be set for the entire workspace, I wonder if the landing spot could be set for new invites…

~ Below are mockup images, not actual product screenshots ~

Is it possible to either have an option from the Share page (perhaps a drop-down menu) to copy the entire workspace link OR copy a canvas link:

Alternatively, favorite a canvas in the workspace Details and it automatically becomes the landing page of the general workspace link:

Note: also, while looking at this page, would we ever want to add the more_icon (More options) button and the ability to grab a canvas link without having to first enter the workspace?