Feature request: Default canvas upon opening the workspace

Good morning, Bluescape Team!

Recently, as people are becoming more used to Bluescape, more than a few customers have asked for an ability to set a “default canvas,” a canvas that everyone goes to when first opening a workspace. This would give the ability for a sprawling workspace to have a “home screen” and immediately let users know where they are starting from in the workspace.

Probably an owner/admin function, only. I think this would give people a more confident approach when entering into a workspace for the first time, as well, as they could get important information about the workspace right form the go and give owners a chance to “control” the starting experience and space a little more.


@Nate Thanks for the feedback. We’ve brought this to the attention of our product team and will keep you informed of any progress related to this request.

I have gone ahead and changed the title of this topic to better inform other community members of the feature request. That way, if they would like to see the same feature or something similar, they can vote on or respond to this post with additional context.

If more users continue to request this, please let us know.