Search all workspaces for an element

I’m looking to find a solution where we have a filename and we can search for that filename across all workspaces. Ideally it would return a result that lists all workspaces where the filename exists. It feels like this should be easy but I haven’t found that option.

Hey @GarrettCox. :wave: Thanks so much for your post!

Are you hoping to search file names from Bluescape Home and return all associated workspaces that contain that file? Currently, the Search from Bluescape Home pertains to workspace names, not files contained within the workspace.

More info about workspace search results from Bluescape Home can be found here: Overview of Bluescape Home

From within the workspace, you can search file names to bring up the files you’re looking for.

I can understand why you are looking for this solution. This is valuable feedback to pass along to our product team for how we can improve the Search feature from Bluescape Home.

Thanks Kristeno, yes I’ve played with searching workspace names but looking for a way to do a find for the files that exist within all workspaces. It doesn’t appear to do this as you pointed out, it only does workspace names. Wondering if there’s a solve for this via the API.



Hey @GarrettCox,

We are working hard on developing a much more capable Bluescape search, but it’s surprisingly complex and we want to do it right, so it will be a while yet.

If you want to try the API, I think two calls would suffice:

  1. First you could use /v3/users/me/workspaces to get the list of workspaces you have access to.

  2. For each of those, call this API endpoint: /v3/workspaces/{workspace}/search
    to search for files within the workspace

I’ve written up some sample Python code for you here

I hope that helps,


Thanks @Robert I’ll give that a go!

Great!! We’d love to hear how things go, @GarrettCox, once you give either/both of those API calls a try. :+1: