Request for new feature: Send To Canvas

Good morning, Bluescape team,

Recently after a long and involved process design session for a customer, the team and I realized that the customer was using Bluescape as a workflow manager, with certain notecards/objects moving between canvases where each canvas was a step in a process. This worked really well, until the process got large enough that it could not fit on the screen and dragging an dropping became a labor of large virtual ‘distances.’

We concluded that by asking for a “send to” features, that would send a selected object (or selection) to a canvas without needed to be drag+droped would be a very large help in this situation, as well as several others we could think of (synthesis, action tracking, etc.). Ideally, right clicking on the intended-to-be-sent object (or selection), with a “send to” option in the context menu. This would then then present the canvases (customizable?) that you could choose to send the selection. Once the target canvas was chosen, the object would be sent to that location w/o changing the user view. Animation/visual cue optional, but it would be very helpful to see.

This would make a number of tasks more manageable, and also allow users to track an object through a workflow, and with the addition of your new introduced Activity Log, built in auditability is already in play. This would bring a new capability and dynamic to how users can use the Bluescape tool, without a difficult back-end change.

Food for thought,

Hi @Nate, thank you for the detailed description! The solution you proposed can help users save time when sending objects to canvases quickly, without losing your current working viewport.

I can see how a “Send to” canvas feature could help speed up workflows and be useful in different use cases. I’m sure our product team will be interested to hear this request. If there are any additional follow up questions I will let you know. :slight_smile:

For now, I’ve submitted a ticket and will share updates as they come.

As always, thank you for your thoughtful feedback.

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