Quiz: What Type of Bluescaper Are You?

The way you use Bluescape is unique to you and your style… we want to know what type of Bluescaper you are. :bluescape_home:

Do you push the boundaries of your workspace once your creative juices are flowin’?..
Or are you the type that likes to work within the lines to get :clap: things :clap: done? :clap:

Take the quiz to find out what type of Bluescaper you are:

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Freeform Frida

When Freeform Frida first jumps into a workspace, they’re quick to put virtual pen to paper and illustrate their ideas for other collaborators. Energized by the ever-swirling ideas in their mind, Frida thinks - and sketches - outside the box. It’s no surprise random strokes and sketches pop up all over their workspaces. The team doesn’t mind those “doodles” - they often lead to the next breakthrough idea.

Having earned the respect of their colleagues, people look to Frida for quick decisions. Overthinking isn’t Frida’s style. With a swift stroke of the pen tool, collaborators know exactly what Freeform Frida is thinking.

Freeform Frida is enthusiastic and engaged, though they have a tendency to forget they are muted. When asked to explain the concept behind their latest sketch, “You’re on mute” is something Frida hears often.

Outside of work, Freeform Frida spends most of their time seeking spontaneous adventures with a group of close friends. Rock climbing, hiking, or speed boating - no adventure is too big. However, there are always two sides to every story. This creative can’t neglect their introverted side, often spending Sunday afternoons sketching memories of their latest weekend adventure.

Logical Leonardo

Logical Leonardo is the kind of colleague you’d want to own a project, lead a meeting, and keep colleagues grounded with rational, thoughtful guidance. Other collaborators understand exactly what Leonardo is trying to convey when they enter Leonardo’s workspace. They frequently use shapes to create diagrams and clearly defined processes.

Analytical in nature, Logical Leonardo is known to think things all the way through. They thrive in a structured environment and appreciate that their role is to provide sensibility, focus, and attention to the process. With an incredible talent for seeing the bigger picture (and all the individual parts of a project), Leonardo gets their job fulfillment by keeping their team on track, meeting tight deadlines, and achieving and exceeding their overall goals.

Logical Leonardo is viewed by their colleagues as intelligent, kind, respectful, and calm. They strive for a healthy work-life balance but are known to stay late to help when needed.

Outside of work, Logical Leonardo spends their time reading books, playing strategy games like Sudoku, watching documentaries, and attending pub trivia nights with friends. Leonardo likes to travel to cultural destinations and loves to learn new languages.

Hosting Holly

The majority of your team’s meeting invites come from Hosting Holly. Their ability to organize a meeting with the right attendees and find a time that works for everyone is quite remarkable - a skill that comes naturally to Holly. We’ve checked the data, and it’s no surprise that inviting collaborators is their most-used feature.

During the meeting, Hosting Holly has probably been muted once or twice by their colleagues. Not because their ideas aren’t exceptional, but because Holly is known for typing a little too loudly when jotting down all the talking points. They’re no stranger to good conversation and love to listen to other collaborators’ thoughts and ideas. So much so that “oh sorry, you go ahead” is one of their most common meeting phrases. Holly likes to make sure everyone’s voice is heard.

When it’s time to collaborate, Hosting Holly is the harmonizer - “we” is more important than “me.” That’s why other collaborators feel special when Holly adds them to a workspace because they know their ideas will be valued.

They’re a busy bee outside of work - Holly knows that life’s not all about work. You can find them with fellow dog owners walking their furry friends at the park along the river or enjoying a drink at the local outdoor coffee shop. Hosting Holly has all the gossip from the neighborhood, but still knows how to keep a secret close. A reliable, trusted friend at work and at home.

Axel the Author

Axel the Author has a way with words, perhaps not verbally, but you can count on them to clearly articulate their thoughts through written words. It’s no shock that text boxes are everywhere in Axel’s workspaces - it’s their go-to feature.

As a meeting participant, count on Axel the Author to be the attendee whose camera is off. Although early to every meeting, Axel rarely “shows face”. Why? Because contemplative to their core, Axel the Author needs time in the workspace, to digest the information and reflect. They’re not quick to pipe up in meetings. They’d rather spend time with the information and write everything down, than respond with feedback after the fact - and probably spell-check it all too.

No one minds this though, because Axel the Author is an exceptionally gifted writer. Things just make sense when they lay it out in black and white.

Outside of work, they take comfort in the company of less chatty individuals: their two cats. They perch nearby as Axel the Author appreciates another writer’s work: The Old Man and the Sea by E. Hemingway.

Ian the Imagineer

A creator at heart, Ian the Imagineer sure knows how to bring a larger-than-life concept to fruition. Most of Ian’s work is completed using third-party tools - a new graphic design, a video clip for review, a pdf to document a process - then uploaded into a workspace. The upload feature is Ian’s best friend.

Some say Ian is mysterious and holds their cards close to their chest. However, once their masterpiece is ready to share, Ian the Imagineer shows up ready to receive real-time feedback from collaborators. On occasion, Ian has shown up late, usually due to last-minute changes perfecting their pitch.

Ian the Imagineer’s creativity, attention to detail, and ability to receive constructive feedback make them an ideal collaborator and colleague. Known for going down internet rabbit holes seeking inspiration, Ian’s extensive research makes them a flexible contributor to big projects.

Ian is always chasing that caffeine high outside of work to keep their creative juices flowing, no matter what time of day. A 9-5 workday isn’t how Ian works best - one can never predict when inspiration will hit. Some see Ian the Imagineer as a rebel, others as a creative genius.

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I’m a Logical Leonardo, so this quiz is super accurate! :smiley:

I definitely like to keep the momentum on projects and want to push beyond my goals. :sweat_smile: I’m a massive visual thinker… I’m always mapping out an idea or project flow with a chart or diagram.

Is anyone else also a Logical Leonardo? Let me know with a reply! :boom:

I am Freeform Frida! :art:

Although I do not think of myself as a modern day Picasso when it comes to my artistic abilities… I do like to use the pen tool in a workspace to make swift statements and give feedback. :paintbrush:

…plus I’m totally guilty of forgetting to unmute myself during meetings.

Did anyone else get the same result?

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I did :raising_hand_man: “forgetting to unmute” – that’s :100: true when I’m super excited about something :sweat_smile:
Thanks for creating such a cool quiz :+1:


Me too! I set time-based objectives for myself so organization of content is key for me to track progress, centralize information then share with others. When it is set up in a way that is easy to consume and others derive further context and meaning from it → it makes me happy that my work can be leveraged/repurposed for other uses. It’s expressively a time savings for someone else and gives meaning to the work I do.

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Hosting Holly, which could not be more accurate!

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I got Axel the Author and can’t relate at all. Except Axel reminds me of figure skating. So that’s good.

According to quiz science :test_tube: …I am just like Ian the Imagineer.

Caffeine really is an all-times of the day, whenever I feel like it, it warms me up inside sort of crutch. And I do cast a wide research net when gearing up to start a new project. I can dig it.

Did anyone else get this rep for being a rebel? :thinking:

I’m Freeform Frida. I think it describes me fairly well, although I do mute myself in meetings. :wink:


Frustratingly accurate! I really wanted to get, “Life of The Party Larry” but got “Logical Leonardo” instead. :thinking:


@Marie_Hughes there may be another type of Bluescaper that resonates with you more than your quiz result. :white_check_mark:

Feel free to read all 5 Bluescaper descriptions and let us know which sounds most like you.

I am FREEFORM FRIDA - which totally makes sense. I’ve felt extra creative this year with running workshops in Bluescape, designing training content and graphics, and a side hobby of painting :paintbrush::art:. And can’t forget some great books like

Show Your Work! a book by Austin Kleon

(Show Your Work! a book by Austin Kleon - Austin Kleon)
Now I just need to use my personal Bluescape workspace to show my work to all my friends and family

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I also got Freefrom Frida which makes sense…I guess :woman_shrugging: I have a hunch my personality may be split between two Bluescaper descriptions.

Same with me, @stefanieo! I think I’m a combo of Logical Leonardo and Hosting Holly.


Huh! I expected Axel the Author and got Ian the Imagineer :thinking: Perhaps I am a rebel? :woman_shrugging:

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Logical Leonardo, like @Lauren. Wow, spot on!

I’m a Logical Leonardo - makes perfect sense! I like to keep my workspaces very organized and structured. I definitely take the time to think things through before taking action as well. This quiz got me spot on!


Looks like I’m an Axel the Author; which is amusing as I plan to go against my nature and will keep this post short :joy:

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I’m a Logical Leonardo through and through. “They thrive in a structured environment”. I could probably work on the “calm” part though :slight_smile:


I got Freeform Frida, which I can definitely see. Would be interesting to know the descriptions of the other ones. I was conflicted on a couple questions, as there were multiple answers which I felt applied to me.

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