Quality of PDF viewer lacking

I work in a design and residential construction company. We spend most of our time showing clients PDFs and renderings of their homes. I’ve noticed the PDF viewer that’s baked into Bluescape does not render PDFs well and lines/text are constantly blurry. It would also be nice to have the ability to pan/zoom while presenting PDFs.

Hi @MSBStephenM. :wave: I see this is your first time posting in the Community - welcome!

Let’s get to the bottom of your issue with a few questions:

  1. Are you currently using the web or wall client of Bluescape?

  2. Does the PDF document consistently stay blurry after you upload it into the workspace? Or is it triggered by an action, like when you resize the document?

  3. Is the PDF document still blurry when you click to open it in the workspace?

Thank you for your feedback on this. Currently, panning or zooming in presentation mode does not exist in our document viewer functionality. However, I will pass your feedback along to our Product team. :slight_smile:

Again, thanks a ton for your feedback and cooperation! Looking forward to hearing from you.

  1. I’ve tested in both environments with similar results
  2. Always blurry. These PDFs are usually rendered at 300dpi. It seems we aren’t getting the full resolution in Bluescape.
  3. Yes

Thanks so much for your quick reply, @MSBStephenM. This does not seem to be the intended behavior of our document viewer functionality.

I have contacted a member of our Product team to help investigate this issue. As soon as we have an update, you will be notified.

Again, thank you for sharing this in the community so we can resolve this problem! :smiley:

Hello Stephen,

This is Cody from Bluescape Support. I have opened a direct case with you via email in hopes of capturing additional information to investigate this issue further. I look forward to hearing from you!

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Hello @MSBStephenM,

To close the loop on this one per our conversation with @Vivek.Acharya, a Product Feedback Feature Enhancement has been submitted for the ability to zoom in and out while using our ‘Present’ feature. It was noted that you do not experience quality degradation in the Web Client if you click ‘Open’ on the PDF and hold CTRL to zoom in and out on the content in question rather than zooming in on the PDF using the workspace zoom. As a suggested flow for the Wall, you can click ‘Open’ on the PDF and pinch to zoom in only on the document. You should not experience any quality degradation using this workflow.

Best regards,

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