Meeting initialization is unsuccessful when the Wall is the first user to start a meeting in a workspace

When you are the first user to a meeting and you start the meeting using your Wall client, the meeting initialization is unsuccessful.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create a new workspace using the Web client
  2. Select the Send to Wall option.
  3. The workspace loads on the wall. Attempt to start a meeting.

Expected result

The Wall should be able to initialize the meeting successfully.

Observed result

The meeting initialization is unsuccessful.

Additional Information

This issue only applies to initial meetings in a workspace. Wall users can successfully initialize subsequent meetings in that workspace.


As a workaround, a user not on a Wall client can start the first meeting in a workspace.

A ticket has been created: Meeting fails to initialize when the Wall is the first ever user to start a meeting in a Workspace

This issue is resolved in the January 2023 (23.01.1) Bluescape update.