How to keep track of a collection (Funko! Pops)

Do you partake in your loved one’s hunt for some collectibles? Is it hard remembering what is already in the collection and you want to avoid buying duplicates?

One of our kids collects Funko! Pops, but we won’t go into whether or not this passion has infringed upon anyone’s college funds :slight_smile:

Keeping track of the collection has been a challenge, spreadsheets or docs didn’t allow much room for re-organizing without having to re-do entire lists at a time. Taking individual pictures or screenshots from the web, then uploading them also takes a series of steps and time. In all - it kind of takes the fun out of what should be a fun hobby!

By maintaining and storing the collection in a Bluescape workspace, my kid can share the workspace collection with friends and family:

  1. Now we have reduced the number of text messages while shopping to ask “Is this a good one?”, “Is it in the collection already?”, “Which variant is missing?”, How much is too much to spend on it?", etc.

  2. My kid can easily drag and drop images to sections of the collection:
    (a) have it already
    (b) have it already: also considered a collector’s item
    (c) wish list: looking for specific items as long as they fall within a specific, reasonable price point (because some items are from secondary markets)
    (d) The buyer can drag the image from the wish list to another section so that another person doesn’t buy a duplicate item.

  3. The ease of using Popsync to run a federated search and locate which item my kid is interested in, is a time-saver. If you know Funko! Pops, there are so many variations of a character that it’s hard to keep track or tell the difference between them.

Now my kid can set up lists and everyone who has access to the workspace can zoom in on an image to ensure they are picking up the right match from what is on the wish list, all from their mobile device!