Unable to Claim a Workspace as a Guest After a Popsync Search

Support Note
The below topic outlines a known issue that members may encounter. Bluescape is aware of this issue and is actively working on a resolution.

After you complete a Popsync search, you cannot claim the workspace if you had previously created a Bluescape visitor account.

Steps to reproduce

  1. As a visitor, have the workspace owner share the workspace with you.
  2. Go through the registration process and become a guest.
  3. Open a new tab and access Popsync.io.
  4. Enter a search string and press Search.
  5. Once the workspace is created and populated, click on the Save workspace button and follow the instructions.
  6. At this point, you can either go to your mailbox and follow the instructions or go to My Bluescape Home and click on the Unsaved tab.
  7. Click on the unsaved workspace in the Unsaved tab, fill out the entries in the dialog box and save the workspace.

Expected result

You can save the workspace, or you receive instructions on the next steps required to save the workspace.

Observed result

As a Guest and not in an organization, you cannot populate the field that appears and cannot save your workspace.

Additional Information

This issue may occur if you are a registered guest in another team but do not have your own space (team) in which to save the workspace.


This issue is tentatively scheduled for resolution in the September 2022 (22.09.1) release.

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