Continuous Web Support Requests Generate after Creating a Shape or Adding Text

In Bluescape, after you create a shape or object, a continuous stream of Web Support Requests (ws-requests) appear in the network tab, impacting browser performance.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Ensure that your Network tab is open.
  2. Create a new workspace.
  3. Select Shape (or Text) in the toolbar.
  4. Place the object in your workspace.
  5. Click away from the object to confirm placement.

Expected result

A ws-support only appears when required.

Observed result

A stream of ws-support requests appear in the Network tab, creating browser performance issues.


This issue occurs in (but may not be limited to):

  • Google Chrome 109
  • Mozilla Firefox 106, 108


As a workaround to this issue, you can clear this issue by refreshing your browser, however, the issue occurs again at subsequent shape/text additions. You can safely ignore these requests.

A ticket has been created: Continuous ws-support requests after creating shape/text

This issue is resolved in the January 2023 (23.01.3) Bluescape hotfix.