Comments - add a visible flag of some kind to assets containing unresolved comments

Would be great if there was some kind of way to flag unresolved comments made on assets - perhaps a show/hide toggle. I was just working on a canvas that I knew I made a comment on but couldn’t remember which asset. Thanks

Hi @acdouglass, thank you for your feedback on how we can improve the visibility of unresolved comments. I’ve connected with the product team to see if there are plans for this on the roadmap. If not, we will submit your feedback for improvement! I will keep you posted with any updates that I hear.

As far as finding comments on assets in your workspace, here’s what I find helpful:

  1. Make sure you do not have any asset selected.
  2. Go to the Workspace Setting options :more_options:
  3. Click on Comments

This will bring up the comments panel that displays all assets in the workspace that have comments on them. Unread comments will display with a blue number count of any new comments, but it does go away once they are seen.

Now, this doesn’t solve for your feedback in terms of improving visibility on unresolved comments. However, I thought I’d pass along this tip in case you find it helpful to locate the asset with the comment you were searching for.

Thanks again for sharing this! I’ll keep you posted.

Thank you for the tip!

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Happy to help! :smiling_face: I did submit your feedback to the product team to review. There are discussions happening for future improvement to comments feature, which your feedback relates to. I will let you know when we have updates to share.

Thanks again for the suggestion @acdouglass.