Bluescape Home Administrative Functionality

Support Note
This is a beta feature currently available in Bluescape, still under development, and may change in the future.
The Bluescape Home Administrative Functionality beta is enabled automatically for included customers. This feature is tentatively scheduled to be released for general availability in the coming months.


This month, we’re excited to add administrative functionality to Bluescape Home. With so many new and updated features in Bluescape, we want you to be able to update your configurations quickly and efficiently in the familiar Brightspace Home.

During this beta, only select Enterprise customers have access. For those with access, we encourage you to try out our new configuration actions available from Bluescape Home.

One of the benefits of using configurations directly from Bluescape Home is the cleaner, more detailed look that now appears along the top in Bluescape Home, making it easier to navigate.

For the time being, you can still access the Configuration Center by selecting the :settings: (Settings) icon at the top right of your screen.

Key Features

User settings

User Settings

User settings have been improved, allowing Admins to change a user to a visitor or remove the user altogether. Admins can create and modify custom roles, and there is now an “expand” icon that displays more fields. Additional sorting functionality is tentatively scheduled for availability in June.

Team settings

Team settings

Team settings have also been updated, allowing customers to check their Domain Allowance. Admins can block domains they don’t want accessing the workspace, and visitors can be granted the required Admin approval here. Users in the Allowed domains get auto-approval. Enterprise license tracking now appears at the top of the Team Settings page, making tracking user, member, and visitor privileges easy.

Workspace Settings

Workspace settings

Workspace settings are also now available from Bluescape Home. This space allows Admins to quickly configure settings for archiving and deleting workspaces, user share settings, and control which content users can upload to workspaces.

Additional Features


Also available in Bluescpae Home is the Roles section, enabling you to create team roles, workspace roles, and any custom roles you need. Team Roles determine the level of permissions within the team entity. Workspace Roles, such as Editor and Commenter, only affect the specific workspace.

We’ve also added an Add Workspace Role option to create a new custom role. And for those who use Popsync, nearly identical functionality to Configuration Center is available in this update.


All of your current configuration settings for Popsync now appear in Bluescape Home. Access these features using the tabs at the top of the page.

Note for Beta Participants

We value your feedback and want to hear your thoughts on these changes. Please select the “Reply” button at the bottom of this topic to share your feedback. Thank you for helping us to make Bluescape even better!

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