Add a print and export option

Asking for a print and export option. But I am sure that’s nothing new to you guys!

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This is something I too have on my wishlist.

I believe print functions, in general, are being investigated. Right now it appears to be brainstorm-focused, so any feedback we can get from members is helpful.

This is good to know. I think that in addition to being able to select an object/group to print, the ability to print at the canvas level (since this is the organizing unit of a workspace) would make the most sense.

Hope to see it soon!

I always preferred to have a print option on the context menu at the canvas level since:

My use case: For cross-team collaboration of a new feature I used to prepare diagrams for API flows on the workspace or refer to the existing diagrams on the workspace. When I start developing that feature I have to go look up the API flows(complicated ones) by opening a separate tab of workspace and referring to the API’s on the workspace. I would rather have a hard copy and just follow through with the flows.