Add a print and export option

Asking for a print and export option. But I am sure that’s nothing new to you guys!


This is something I too have on my wishlist.

I believe print functions, in general, are being investigated. Right now it appears to be brainstorm-focused, so any feedback we can get from members is helpful.

This is good to know. I think that in addition to being able to select an object/group to print, the ability to print at the canvas level (since this is the organizing unit of a workspace) would make the most sense.

Hope to see it soon!

I always preferred to have a print option on the context menu at the canvas level since:

My use case: For cross-team collaboration of a new feature I used to prepare diagrams for API flows on the workspace or refer to the existing diagrams on the workspace. When I start developing that feature I have to go look up the API flows(complicated ones) by opening a separate tab of workspace and referring to the API’s on the workspace. I would rather have a hard copy and just follow through with the flows.

I’d love an export to pdf or image option! It would be very useful for teams that have to have documentation all in one place.

This is becoming a popular request. I suggest you :arrow_up: Vote at the top of this topic to help our product team prioritize consideration of requests like these.

What specific content do you see being exported, @Rachele_Maurer? Are you looking for canvas-level exporting like @Nate?

Also, did you have a different use case in mind for when you’d export to a PDF versus when you’d export to a PNG image?

We’re happy to share that an Export to PDF functionality is available within your workspaces today. Works on group-selected content and canvases!

This is a great feature update - makes creating a “finalized product/ document” much easier.

Any chance we can also get an ‘alternate mode’ that allows different canvases to be converted to separate pages inside the exported pdf doc? This would make creating printed presentations and “book building” a snap and provide an incredible way to create and deliver content in the most collaborative manner (using Bluescape, of course!)