Printing from my Bluescape workspace

My leadership team prefers looking through printed materials of the work my team does in Bluescape. Is there an easy download to PDF option or a print option in Bluescape?

I saw that I can download to png, but I don’t know what the recommended amount of info to group select to make it readable on printed paper. Can more guidance be provided to help me easily transfer Bluescape digital material to printed paper?

Thank you.

Those are some great suggestions. I would like to let you know that we are working through an option for print/export. However, currently we only have the ability to export to .png files.

If I may ask - Do you arrange your content within a canvas and want to print or export a canvas? Or do you intend to group select many elements and arrange it in a sheet of paper and then print?

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Generally, we use canvases to organize but those canvases can very widely in size in both height and width based on how much content we have for each phase of our project. We are struggling with getting these materials into a quick physical format. It is not intuitve to know how much I should be grouping to ensure it is readable, etc.

Any recommendations?

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As of now, the only ways to do it would be to print the whole canvas or select portions and download them as separate images. I understand that you are already doing this though, but we do not have a more elegant solution. We are working on a solution that helps our users export the canvas and its individual elements.

Agree 100% with Vivek. I would start with a print option at the object level, perhaps in the context menu. A single click should bring you to a print dialog.

I think the canvas should have 2 options: 1. print canvas, and 2. print all objects. The first option would pdf/print everything in the canvas as related to one another, such as a slide (pdf format). The second would print out each object individually (unless attached). This way, it mirrors the download functionality (download, download as zip), and gives the viewer options based on how they are using the workspace.

-Nate @ bcore