Able to select and move object out of a canvas that was hidden

Quick ask - it is possible to disallow the selection of content by users while the canvas is ‘hidden’? We were able to “grab and move” text content out of a canvas that was hidden by the facilitator - pretty sure that’s not what was intended from the design standpoint? Let me know, otherwise. Thanks!

Thanks for the feedback Nate!

When you could select and move the text from within the hidden canvas, what workspace role did you have?

I’ll check in with our product team about the option to disallow content selection and submit your product feedback for improvement to the feature. :slight_smile:

Hey @Nate - quick update! I moved this topic to Support as I chatted with some members on the product team. They attempted to reproduce what you’ve experienced, but were unsuccessful. This is not intended behaviour so they’d like to do some more investigating to determine if this is a bug.

A couple follow-up questions:

  1. What were the steps you took to experience the issue?
  2. Was the object you moved recently added to the hidden canvas and then moved around while still selected?
  3. Or was the object you moved selected after it was placed in the hidden canvas?

Thank you!

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