Ability to Pin Lines

Hi Team Bluescape! I’m here with another round of pilot users feedback.

Users would like to ‘pin’ lines: It seems users are looking to make grid templates consisting of the drawn line objects (under the ‘shape’ menu). Seems however, they can’t “pin” them to the background, so they lose some functionality in templates - meaning users can accidentally move click/move the lines instead of the objects between the lines.

Clearly, not a huge deal here, but a minor UI inconsistency that they wanted me to pass along.

Nate @ bcore


Hey @Nate great feedback. We can see how pinning lines could be quite useful when building custom templates. We’ve actually received similar feedback from other customers and have created a ticket that is currently in our backlog of improvements to be made.

I don’t have a timeline to share at this time, but did want to let you know a ticket exists and the product team is aware of the request for improvement.

Thanks, Nate - as always, keep 'em coming :slight_smile:

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A ticket has been created: [Discourse] Ability to Pin Lines

Hey @Nate! Just dropping in with some good news. :tada: With August’s release, you can now pin both lines and strokes! As you mentioned, this improvement now gives users more control over their template creations using lines.

Thanks again for passing along this feedback. :raised_hands:

You can learn more about the feature in these topics:
Moving and Pinning Pen Strokes and Adding Lines, Line Connectors and Modifying Line Routing.

Thank you! - this is a great feature if you are designing templates with grids that need to stay put. Great updates this month!