Ability to hide content from collaborators in workspace

Group Requests Object / Canvas Level Access Controls

GA Bluescape team, I’m here with another feedback request from our pilot users. The pilot members are interested in ways of executing object-level permissions. Meaning, that certain users within a workspace are able to see a document (or maybe canvas contents), while others cannot. I told them I believe this is on the Bluescape roadmap, but didn’t offer anymore details than that. This would be very helpful to us, as we can have many different users from different orgs in one workspace, and the ability to “hide” content from others, although not particularly collaborative, is highly sought after as part of a process. In fact, in some use cases/workflows, it is mandatory, and the lack of this feature means people are passing up on using Bluescape all together.


Hi @Nate - lovely to “e-meet” you! I totally understand where you’re coming from with making a canvas hidden or private to some users in the workspace. I’ve reached out to our product team and passed your message along about private canvases and/or objects for certain users :slight_smile:.

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Hi @Nate! Did you spot the new Hide/Reveal Canvas Content feature that was introduced this release? :eyes:

Feel free to try it out during presentations or in your collaborative sessions, and let us know what you think. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Kristen - I did try it out! It is a very useful feature for facilitation, teaching, training, etc., where you don’t necessarily want your participants ‘jumping to the end.’ Very useful addition for our facilitators our there!

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