5 Ways to Use Eye-Catching Images in Your Team Collaboration

1. Keep Close to Your Customers

The most loved companies stay close to their customers. Not only the obvious departments like Customer Experience or Customer Service but every part of the organization should be thinking about customers and how to make their lives better.

An easy way to do that is to include information about your customer right along in your Bluescape project collaboration workspace. You can use a product persona template from the Bluescape template library or drop-in a pre-existing slide that your company has created. Having customer information immediately close by rather than lost in a comment thread or folder keeps them top of mind through every key phase of collaboration. But make sure your customer content is full of rich images :framed_picture: and media!

For example, let’s say you’re creating a new backpack for people who love to go hiking. Search ‘hiking’ in the popsync search and start curating strong images to help you stay visualizing the end goal of your work.

Customize the image databases you want to search from in the ‘Image Source’ panel in Popsync. It will help you find the best images more quickly across relevant sources.

Popsync Search: ‘hiking’

But don’t stop there. It’s not only about finding those 5-7 images of directly relevant in-action moments from your product persona. It should also be about understanding a day-in-the-life, week-in-the-life, and month-in-the-life :spiral_calendar:. This will help uncover richer product storytelling to your target market that is memorable, unexpected, and truly value-adding :blue_heart:.

Popsync Search: ‘hiking path’, ‘hiker’s tent’, ‘hiker eating’, ‘offroading’, ‘hiking destinations’, ‘hiking gear’

2. Create an Inspiration Board

At the start of every project, whether specifically design-oriented or not, images and media can really help bolster a team’s inspiration and motivation in the project. Visuals unlock the creative thinking of everyone on the team to generate and contribute great ideas. Images can also help everyone remember to be flexible as the project develops and remind teams of the project’s bigger picture (no pun intended :smile:).

Quickly curate an inspiration board by using popsync search and then select the checkmark on desired images to create a new collection :ballot_box_with_check:. Ask your team members to contribute too in the workspace. A simple copy (CTRL+C) and paste (CTRL+V) works great too for getting images in just the right spot of your canvas. Then kick-off your first team brainstorm or workshop with having the inspiration board on screen before transitioning to everyone adding ideas on notecards.

Here is an example of an inspiration board for a team about to kick-off a project that is environmentally friendly :leaves:.

Popsync Search: ‘environment’, ‘rainforest’, ‘earth’, ‘grass’, ‘clean water’

3. Enhance Presentations

As you’re working on a large project in your Bluescape workspace, keep the speed going during your leadership reviews. Don’t waste time putting together perfectly manicured slides just to get to the decision-making from your leadership team to move forward :stopwatch:. Rather, add in a few storytelling images here and there in the flow of your workspace content and the ‘so what?’ 1-2 sentence takeaways.

The workspace walkthroughs can vary from adding images next to market or customer research takeaways to takeaways from a workshop to helping illustrate phases in a process or flow chart.

Frankly, this gets the job done when speed and quality of thought are vital. The added benefit if your leadership team needs to dive into specific details is that it’s all there to navigate to in your workspace when needed. And when not needed, you can skip over without it becoming overwhelming to the reviewer. We suggest using object hyperlinking to move smoothly across to different areas of your workspace during this type of meeting.

Popsync Search: ‘company innovation’

Popsync Search: ‘inspiration’, ‘social media’, ‘social post’

4. Crowdsource for Content Development

While not every team may be responsible for producing content, you better bet that people across functions have ideas and input to share. Take advantage of that by crowdsourcing those ideas during content development processes. One example is overhauling sections of the website. If you have a sales team that speaks to your prospects and are regularly learning about their pain points and goals, make sure to have them add in image inspiration that they believe will resonate with your target prospects.

The example below shows curated images for a company about to launch a new luggage line. The goal is to find the perfect images to add to their website for the launch that appeals to the joyful emotional connection of travelers when they reach their destination.

Popsync Search: ‘happy traveling’

5. Showcase State of Mind

Images and media like gifs are a great way to add a flavor of fun with your team as you go through your creative thoughts and states of feelings as you progress through a project. To enliven your team’s day to day working culture and help build relationships while working remote, add in fun images that show a funny parallel thought that you had as you worked on a part of your project. Place next to your project materials for a daily giggle.

Another way of really giving more attention to when you hit those big milestones is to show how you’re feeling or find images related to celebrating :tada:.

Popsync Search: ‘celebrate’

Popsync Search: ‘Buzz Lightyear’

Now it’s your turn. Do a quick search related to one of the recommendations above that particularly resonated with you and tell us about it in the comments below.