Using Slack with Bluescape

You can connect Bluescape with Slack, which automatically posts any comments made in a workspace to a particular Slack channel. This enables seamless communication between a channel’s team members and collaborators in Bluescape.

Supported Features

  1. Object-Level Comments. When you or a collaborator comments on a workspace object (for example, a Canvas, image, etc.), a message sends to the linked Slack channel. The message contains a link to go back to the Bluescape workspace to provide feedback

    Note: Synchronization from a Slack channel back to the workspace is not supported.

  2. Meeting Start Event. The message is placed in the linked Slack channel when you or a collaborator starts a workspace meeting. The message contains meeting links, so you can use them to join the meeting.

  3. Document Upload/Creation Event. When you or a collaborator upload a document to the workspace, a message sends to the linked Slack channel. The message contains a link to go back to Bluescape Workspace and see the document.


  • Slack integration is enabled in your environment
  • You are the owner of the workspace

Link Your Workspace with a Slack Channel

  1. Open your workspace in Bluescape.
  2. Select the :comments: (comments) icon. Since your Slack integration is enabled and you are the owner of the workspace, the following appears:

    Select Let’s do it.
    Comments Menu
  3. Click on Continue with the integration.
    Integrate with Slack dialog
  4. A permissions dialog appears. Select Allow.
  5. Close the dialog box that appears.
    confirmation dialog
  6. Select a channel and click Connect.
    Connect a Slack channel

After the integration is complete, all Workspace collaborators may use it. Collaborators see the following in the comments panel:
Comments Panel
The sub-menu allows you to go to Slack (open the channel in Slack – this is like a link) and the option to Disconnect from Slack (this is available only for the workspace owner)

Using the Bluescape Slack Integration

Create a comment on any workspace object (for example, an image)

In Slack

Slack Notification

Note: Mentions are supported
Start a meeting – the following message appears in the channel:
Start a Meeting

Upload a file (for example, a .png image)
File Upload Notification

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