Software Configuration Error [W-301]

My organization has a bluescape device connected to a OPTIKA big touch screen display. The bluescape computer itself boots up fine and displays on the screen, but has the error “Software Configuration Error [W-301]” on it, and cannot access anything on the wall. What does this error mean/what are steps to fix it?

@arovira In most cases, the steps below will resolve the “Software Configuration W-301” error you are experiencing. Can you please try the steps below?

  1. Verify the Bluescape Software is fully up to date.

    1. add/remove programs
    2. bluescape app
    3. Modify
    4. Update.
  2. Restart the Controller via the Lobby screen and attempt to send the workspace to the wall an additional time.

    1. Launch the Bluescape Enterprise application.
    2. Click ‘System Info’.
    3. Click ‘Restart Controller’.

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