Shapes and Icons

No shapes or icons will load other than Basic Shapes

Hi, @Laura_Fletcher.

Are you able to see icons when you select “more shapes and icons” after selecting the shapes icon on the toolbar?

No. Each section is blank.

Ok. Would you be able to share an image of what you see when you select the “more shapes and icons” option? This will help gain a full understanding of your experience as I am unable to reproduce this.

Hi, @Laura_Fletcher. Are you still experiencing the issue? Can you send an image of what you see?

Yes. I still do not have any icons showing under any category other than Basic Shapes. I have tried multiple times to send a screen shot but I get an automated message stating “Sorry, you can’t embed media items in a post.”

I’m sorry about the automated message. I’ve updated our settings to ensure you don’t run into that issue again.

I will open a support ticket for our team to help investigate further.

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