Phone numbers entered in canvas begins continuous auto fill of call icons

Upon entering contact information for someone via text insert, BS automatically starts adding a call icon at end of the phone number. One after another after another filling line after line. How can I add a phone number in text without this happening? Have tried in different workspaces and canvases. Tried entering number 1-xxx-xxx-xxxx and (1) xxx-xxx-xxxx and get the same result.

Hi, @acdouglass

First off - thanks for posting your first question in the community! Great to have you here.

We’re investigating as to why you’re running into this issue! We are actively working to connect with the proper subject matter expert and gather up-to-date information for you. We will share our findings as soon as we are able. Thank you for being so patient. :smiley:

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We’ve connected with our support team and they informed us that a support agent has been working individually with you. Once a resolution is determined, we will post here in case other Bluescapers run into the same problem.


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Thanks Kristen and Greg who has reached out several times. Whatever the problem was is not occurring today and I’ve spent a good bit of time in various workspaces. Fingers crossed everything will go smoothly now. I know where to find you if it does not.

Thank you!


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