Is there a way to move one of my workspaces to my "Team" Page?

In “My Workspace” I created a Project. Can I move that to the Team space?

Hi, @Jenny_Garda are they 2 separate workspaces or the same?

I have a canvas started on my folder that I’d like to move to my team’s folder:

Hi @Jenny_Garda ! Welcome to the community :wave:

While @alwyn.pereira looks into whether there is a solution to move an entire workspace from your personal space to your team’s space, I wanted to suggest an alternate solution.

You can group select all objects in your canvas from your personal workspace and copy and paste them into either a new or existing workspace in your team’s space.
Copy and Pasting Elements From One Workspace to Another

Note: pasting content to another workspace is limited to 250 objects.

Does this help achieve what you’re looking to do?


@Jenny_Garda you can use this article as guidance:

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