General Eraser vs line specific erase

When drawing in a workspace the eraser either erases the line its self or part of the line. Is there a way to get an eraser that will erase in general vs line specific?

Hey @Travis_Soderquist :wave: can you clarify what you mean by erasing in general vs. line-specific? Do you mean you want to erase other elements in the workspace or add additional functionality to the stroke eraser options?

The two current existing eraser options for strokes are:

Detail eraser: The detail eraser removes parts of the line(s) by clicking and dragging the eraser over the areas of the lines you wish to erase.

Full Eraser: The full eraser can erase full lines, or erase multiple lines where they intersect.
Eraser functionality

Can you kindly clarify what additional functionality are you hoping to add? Thank you!

So right now the erase functionality breaks the line in to smaller lines… what im hoping for as someone who draws with a wacom is to have this ability to erase and sculpt vs breaking the existing lines. It’s hard to describe. Here is a video

Hi Travis. Unfortunately the behavior you’re looking for is not currently possible. If you have strong feelings about it, I suggest creating a WEBC usability ticket in Jira. If you don’t have access to Jira, let me know and I can help you create one.

Here is an example on a variation of a Venn diagram template. We can use shapes and lines to build it in the workspace but the outer section as shown in this video is hard to achieve. Our eraser only works on pen markup. Would have greater flexibility in workspaces if the eraser could be used to modify parts of shapes and lines as well.