Layers in workspaces

Can we get a layers panel for objects in a workspace. It will help with drawing and creating art in workspaces as well as organizing objects in a workspace. I don’t think they have to be unique to each user but the ability would be fantastic.

Hey there, @Travis_Soderquist.

I’m familiar with the layer feature in advanced design tools like Adobe, and layer feature panels are less common in design tools like Canva.

In what capacity are you using a Bluescape workspace for drawing, etc.? I’d be interested to know where in your workflow layer functionality limits you and you see layer visibility as the solution.

Drawing in a workspace. Currently to draw you have to laydown your base color then ink over the top of it. Word documents have the ability to see the layers that everything exists on so maybe that could be a solution. Since it keeps every line made as its own separate shape. It would help a ton being able to choose a layer to draw on. cause if im doing a black and white sketch then want to add color to it. having to draw over the top then select the lines you made and send them to the back is a step that could be made easier with layers.

That makes sense. Having done some design work myself, I understand how that could become tedious and become a roadblock.

What, if I may ask, are you using a workspace to design? Is it drafting real-time visual concepts during a meeting, doodling draft ideas on your own, or something else entirely?

if you wanted to sketch ideas directly from a wacom into a workspace for approval layers would help a ton!

any and all of these would benefit from the addition. :slight_smile: