Separate User Swatches

Is there a way we can make color swatches unique to each user? Ive been drawing at the same time as an other user and it forces you both to use the same color swatches and doesn’t allow each user to have their own unique color swatches.

Thanks for the feedback, @Travis_Soderquist! I’d like to understand your use case a little more before submitting product feedback to the team for consideration.

Is this feedback pen-tool specific for custom stroke colors? Or, would you like individual custom colors settings to also extend to other objects like shapes, notecards and text in their color pickers?

Currently, custom color selections are shared among collaborators, which helps with consistent custom color use in the workspace.

A couple of questions:

  • To clarify your use case, are you usually drawing in the workspace at the same time as other collaborators?
  • Is there a reason why you wouldn’t want your color selections visible to other collaborators?
  • Do you find it distracting when other collaborators add additional custom colors that display in your color picker?

You’ve got me thinking… :bulb:

I wonder if an additional layer of organization in the color picker can help acheive what you’re hoping to see. For example, organizing the color picker in different sections:

  1. Default colors
  2. Shared custom workspace colors
  3. My colours (a selection only visible to you)

Let me know your thoughts!

So if myself and another artist are drawing 2 separate images in a workspace. We have to fight over what custom colors are available. In an example I was drawing with a coworker 2 different color pallets and then we started to notice our colors started to disappear only to realize we had been deleting each others custom colors for our own. haha

So talented! These sketches are awesome. :art:

Thanks for the context @Travis_Soderquist. I’ve submitted a product feedback ticket to the team for consideration for improving custom colors and the functionality of the color picker.

I’ll keep you posted if there are updates to the ticket. :+1: