Customizing the OneDrive Link Excel Preview Thumbnail

When adding an excel OneDrive Link file in Bluescape, the preview thumbnail is generated by Microsoft. And it is generally too small to be helpful.

To help manipulate that preview thumbnail, you can do the following steps:

  1. In excel, highlight extra rows and columns that are blank. Use CTRL+Shift and arrow to highlight all the way to the end. Use the ‘format option’ and then select ‘hide/unhide’ under Visibility and hide the extra columns and rows.
  2. Select all of your cells and go to ‘Format’ and then Row Height and Column Width. In my example screenshot, I changed to 100
  3. Adjust text size. In my example, I changed to font size 72.
    Changing the zoom does not change the thumbnail. This won’t solve all excel OneDrive issues, esp. larger and more horizontal files, as you cannot actually adjust the viewport. You have to use what you have with the viewport dimensions and then manipulate like I did above.