Cards and tables

I love how easily I can visualize a lot of different assets together in a workspace, however, there are times that I’d like help structuring the content more.

It would be nice to have a feature like other tools have in which they call ‘cards’ where you can input text, links, and tags. I’d love to be able to snap a card to other workspace objects like an image for example. It would then resize to the width of that object. If 2 or more cards are snapped together, they work as a very simple table mechanism where additional rows can be added and the width/height can change but if grouped together will resize appropriately. The tags inside can be to tag people, or add custom tags. It can also be configured to be a ‘swatch in the workspace’ which would consist of a color in a shape with a card and the card would have a tag to it called ‘swatch’ that would change to reflect the hex code of the shape it is attached to. This would be especially helpful with a color picker that can be used on images.

You could add another card below a swatch for more info, but if snapped together, they can easily be moved together.

Thanks for sharing @Collabwins.

I’m curious, other than content structuring and using the cards for color swatches (super interesting for the creative industry :art: ), how else do you see these cards being used in a workspace? Could this be useful for task tracking/project management? Any more use cases you can share would be helpful. :slight_smile:

Also, what would be the difference between the card functionality and notecard functionality? Aside from adding tags, as you can add links and text to notecards too.


Yes, absolutely the cards snapped together would then operate as simple tables. Being able to add simple tables in Bluescape would be great for those that want simple project management, but it also helps us pave the way for better integrations with actual project management tools like Jira, etc. The other use cases is being able to create a much more structured ‘schedule’ for like a workshop instead of using free form assets. When you create a more complicated schedule, a table-like functionality is much more useful.

The difference from notecards is the ‘snapping’ functionality. Where cards can be snapped together to then become a table. Notecards would remain separate for the ability to do free form brainstorming. Although, I could see it being useful to add tags within notecards in order to sort ideas - maybe instead of having too many overlapping features, you can convert notecards to cards.

I definitely don’t want to solution too much. The main painpoint is having a mechanism that offers more structure than what current assets allow for. And definitely the ability to have swatches in some type of feature is very helpful in the creative industry, esp. for moodboards and storyboards, etc.