Canvas and shapes: would like option to change border to rounded corners

Can the option to edit border to rounded corners be added for Canvas and Shapes?

Thanks sharing your request @BayAreaCSM! I’ve submitted this feedback to our product team. :bulb:

Out of curiosity, are rounded corners your design preference? Or would you generally just like to see a wider range or options for border styles?

To start, rounded corners would be a great option.
Not mentioned previously but would be nice to have border options for images/videos too (creating a shape to layer beneath the image/video takes too many extra steps to accomplish for lots of images).

Thanks for the context @BayAreaCSM. :+1: I’ve added your additional feedback to the existing PF ticket for these requested border options.

If I could pile on here… I have more than a few facilitators asking for dotted or dashed strokes (borders) on shapes. This is great for architecture diagramming, or to show impermanence of an element. Please consider adding!


Thanks for sharing @Nate. I’ve added your use case to the existing ticket for consideration. It’s helpful to provide more context to the product team when they’re considering which features to prioritize.

Feel free to upvote the topic and have others do the same. :+1:

I have more than a few facilitators asking for dotted or dashed strokes (borders) on shapes.

Following up here @Nate . Happy to report there has been some progress made on shape border styles in the most recent release - another step toward improvement :tada:

You can now change the border style on shapes and adjust the border’s thickness ! We hope this helps when creating architecture diagramming and other workflows.

Try it out and let us know what you think :slight_smile:

Wow you guys are fast! :slight_smile:
this is great - i personally will use it a ton - and I know my customers will as well. Thanks again Bluescape Team!!

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Glad to hear it. Please let us know how things go after taking the new feature for a test drive. :wink: