Bullk Remove Users/Workspaces is EXCELLENT

Hot tamale! The bulk remove user feature is great. Being able to remove 20+ users with 21 odd clicks instead of the 60 otherwise required if doing individually is just a little bit of brilliance. Same with bulk removal of workspaces, by golly that probably cuts the click count in half to delete a lot of workspaces.

So kudos to whoever implemented and whoever asked for bulk removal features.

Minor ask, it would be nice to have a bulk select button for workspace removal like there is for user removal.

Hey there, @peterpeter. Glad to see you’re enjoying the updates. Always room for improvement, though. :construction_worker_man:t4: I can see how saving time doing one thing makes you more aware of how other tasks might be optimized.

Appreciate the extra feedback after trying things out. :wink: