Bluescape on Large Touch Display - Quick Zoom-In Option for Assets

Is there a way to quickly bring an asset to full screen so that it can be easily drawn on? Currently, selecting an asset and hitting #2 on the browser allows for this, but Wall users won’t have a keyboard. Users in the room would benefit from the ability to quickly bring an asset forward, making it large enough for people in the room to see and interact with it, add notecards, or markup the asset from the screen.

At present, the only options available are to pinch to zoom way in and move the workspace to center the asset or to use presentation mode, which doesn’t support annotating or viewing assets as a group unless the attached feature is used.

To improve the user experience and make it faster and easier to interact with assets on the screen, it would be helpful to have a quick access 2 zoom button on the menu. This would decrease the possibility of user issues when zooming in and out on the screen, providing a smoother UX.

Great feedback, @Mel. We currently don’t have a way to quick bring an asset to full screen on large display, but this is something we could look into for the future.

Thanks for confirming the large display’s functionality, @Mike_Accettura!
@Mel , I’ve created a product feedback ticket for this request. :+1: