Background can't be changed in some shapes

This should be reproducable by using the Current Reality Tree template.

It only allows the text background to be changed and trying to change the background is not possible. With other shapes this does not appear to be a problem.

Welcome, @nzdunic :wave: Thanks for posting your question. We have recently updated our text functionality to remove background colors. The item you have selected in the image is a text box that was created before the improvement took place, thus containing a background color. This one is on us, I’ve reached out to our development team for the best approach to update this template.

In the meantime, I recommend changing the color of the text itself or replacing the item with a shape. Shapes can contain text and have background colors adjusted. :smiley:


I have a lot of boxes to modify, so if you could provide a fix that limits or eliminates the need for changing to shapes that would be preferable.



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