8 Meetings That Will Never Be the Same

When you find that tool that transforms the way you work, it’s a giddy feeling like you found hidden treasure :coin:. Things will never be the same – and we mean in the best way possible.

When you increase transparency on all your work content, you speed up not only scheduled meetings but improve your asynchronous collaboration. Meetings become what they always should be - about clarity & connection :handshake:.

Here are 8 meeting types that will never be the same with Bluescape:

1. Aha! Meeting

The aha meeting
This is probably one of the best types of high value reasons to have a meeting meeting.

It’s the ‘I’ve assembled my A-team group’ who can clarify both the ‘what’ they’re working on and ‘why’ so individuals get to that ‘Aha’ – ‘it totally makes sense now; I know exactly what I need to do next! Let’s hit this out of the park!’

Whether a cross-department go-to-market alignment meeting across product, marketing, sales, leadership or a simple sub group who need to move the needle quickly on a project, everyone loves that moment when the clouds of confusion doth part making way for innovation.

→ Tips for the Aha! Meeting:

  1. Group related content in canvases to fit all the puzzle pieces together in one workspace
  2. Use templates to help you organize information for discussion
  3. Use the raise hand feature in your video call to avoid interruptions

2. Muse Meeting

Muse meeting
The Muse Meeting is all about inspiration. It’s when your heart beats :heartpulse: faster because you know your team is on to something spectacular. Here you’re getting visual direction and even considering color tones to set a mood. These meetings really can be visually stunning and thought-provoking.

→ Tips for the Muse Meeting:

  1. Use Popsync image search to generate beautiful images
  2. Pull company specific media directly alongside other materials
  3. Build a collection to organize into themes

3. Major Deadline - HELP! Meeting

deadline meeting
Sometimes we need to just ask for help :sos:. You might be thinking ‘I know I’m missing something to polish up these materials for a deadline, but I need help and I need help now!’

Queue the let’s jump in a huddle buddy to go over what you have and then get any additional materials to complete the package in time for delivery!

→ Tips for the Major Deadline - HELP! Meeting:

  1. Start a video call in your workspace
  2. Copy your meeting link and chat your work buddy
  3. Have your co-worker drag and drop the finish touch material in seconds

4. Leadership Presentation Meeting

Leadership Presentation Meeting (1)
So you’ve taken time to put together some killer slides for the ‘state of the state’ presentation to leadership. You’re full on ready to wow your leadership team.

But what’s the icing on the cake mid-meeting? You didn’t only present the slides, you prepared all the supplemental content you might need. Nothing better than getting the question ‘how did you come up with that?’ and instead of trying to open tabs or other tools in the midst of a time sensitive presentation :alarm_clock:, you have everything in your workspace to give that bit of background lens. Wow, yeah you know your stuff! :facepunch:

→ Tips for the Leadership Meeting:

  1. Extract the pages from your slide deck in your workspace
  2. Use object linking to quickly navigate to supporting materials
  3. Use the laser pointer to clarify

5. Discovery Meeting

Discovery Meeting (1)

When you need to draw the right insights to forge the right path forward on important projects, you might need a workshop or a quick brainstorm :bulb:. Capture the nuances of each idea by having each individual add their own notecards. You will keep coming back and wanting to share out the results with other stakeholders.

→ Tips for the Discovery Meeting:

  1. Use a brainstorm template to speed up your workflow
  2. Add a timer during the session to keep it moving along
  3. Export groups of notecards into a csv to do robust analysis

6. Quick Question - Coffee Chat Meeting

coffee chat meeting
This is that nonchalance, convenient meet-up with that other co-worker (or friend) when a live meeting to get a quick answer is still the best as opposed to a chat message that didn’t quite capture your conundrum. It’s the ‘oh yeah, easy peasy answer’ and then the ‘well how have you been?!’ A few sips of coffee :coffee: and a quick share of your past weekend activities have you feeling great for the rest of the day.

→ Tips for the Quick Question - Coffee Chat Meeting:

  1. Launch a blank whiteboard meeting
  2. Drag and drop photos directly in the workspace
  3. Use reactions to show your emotions

7. Teach Me Meeting

Teach Me Meeting (2)

Maybe you’re new to the company or maybe just want to learn something new :blue_book:. It’s great to have someone walk you through step by step over a screenshare. Even better when you can not only ‘record’ it but put the recording in your workspace. When you have a variety of training materials like a video recording, a pdf instructions, and some screenshots – they go together like birds of a feather in your ‘Training Content’ workspace.

→ Tips for the Teach Me Meeting:

  1. Create a Training workspace to easily refer back to material when you need it most
  2. Record the training session
  3. Add the recording next to all your other related training material

8. No Meeting Meeting

Meeting that isn't a meeting
I love this one because its benefits aren’t as immediately brought front of mind but oh do they add up :heavy_plus_sign:!

It’s the asynchronous collaboration that does the job and reduces overall scheduled meetings that really didn’t need to be a meeting. Everyone contributes out of the same workspace to make it easier to find all the content that go together rather than searching through chat or emails. Or maybe your manager is traveling and can’t meet live to give feedback or your co-worker is in a different timezone and needs to weigh in on this phase, he or she can jump in the workspace and capture thoughts :comments:.

→ Tips for the No Meeting Meeting:

  1. Use comments to @ mention people to review on their own time
  2. Use resolve comments feature to see what’s been checked off
  3. Record a video of yourself going over materials and post for others to watch later