Watermarks for assets in Bluescape

Support Note
This feature is not currently available for organizations using the free Bluescape Go tier. For more pricing information, see Bluescape Pricing for Virtual Collaboration.

A watermark is a visual overlay that appears on document, image, and video assets in Bluescape workspaces. The default watermark text, a user’s email address, is a gentle deterrent to prevent illicit screen sharing and screen capturing. The watermark displays the email address of the person viewing the workspace. Watermarks are only visible in the workspace view. If you download a workspace document that includes a watermark, this imprint is not visible on the downloaded document.
Similarly, if you upload a document with no imprint, the watermark is visible on this file once the upload is complete. Videos with watermarks can have the watermark burned in when downloaded. This is a paid feature that should be discussed with your Account Executive. At this time, downloaded images and documents do not support burnt-in watermarking.

When watermarking is turned on, it enables in all workspaces. Users are unable to toggle it on or off for a specific workspace.

To Enable:

  1. Log in to Bluescape as an administrator and open the Config Center.
  2. Navigate to the Settings tab.

  1. Enter text in the Watermark Description field. There is a 45-character maximum.
  2. Set the desired opacity to control the visibility of the watermark.

Watermarking information

The watermark description you enter appears on all workspace documents, images, and video assets specific to the associated organization. Watermarks appear on each page and on the extracted pages for document files. The primary watermark appears diagonally from the asset’s bottom left to its top right. By default, this watermark is the workspace user’s email address. The timestamp (date and time) displays in the bottom right corner, and the time is updated each minute by the user’s workspace. The user’s IPV4 or IPV6 address displays in the bottom left corner. The IPV4 address, commonly 10-12 characters, appears in the same font size as the timestamp (and slightly larger than the IPV6 address and timestamp). The IPV6 address, which has more characters than the IPV4 address, appears in a smaller font size to ensure a proper fit. Similarly, its timestamp displays in a corresponding font size.

In the image above, the text This is a watermark for my company is the watermark description and appears near the bottom center of the asset. Watermark placement is the same for each asset type. In addition, the watermark size adjusts based on the asset aspect ratio. Contingent upon the watermark text and hue, it may not be immediately visible. In this case, you may need to access the Zoom feature for the watermark to come into view. To make your watermark more prominent, administrators can increase its opacity in the Config Center.

Watermarks are also reflected on the wall client. The user sending their workspace to the wall has their email and IP address associated with the assets on the wall.

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