Wanting a more intuitive and robust table functionality

Good afternoon, Bluescape Team.

There is a need for an “insert table” feature to input text. Similar to what you might find in word or excel, where the user inputs the number of rows/columns, and customizable gridlines are drawn and automatically created. There is a Smart Grid feature available, but that seems to be more for pictures/objects vs text and didn’t quite check the box, as you can’t type in it unless you manually place text boxes… which would be defeating the purpose.

I would qualify this as a “quality of life” feature request.


Hi, @Nate.

There is definitely room for improvement here.

This does not solve the exact problem, but are you aware that you can use notecards like table cells? You can copy spreadsheet cells into notecards and even download notecards as csv files.

Hope your customers find this useful.