Using Video Frame Level Commenting

Bluescape users can add a comment to any frame of a video. Granular commenting using frame-by-frame and location-level annotation of video can enhance and streamline the video approval process.

  1. Upload a video to your Bluescape workspace.
  2. Play the video within the workspace.
  3. A video toolbar appears:
  4. Play :video_play_button: the video.
  5. Pause the video on a frame you want to comment on.
  6. Select :comments: (Comments).
  7. Hover your cursor over the video. The cursor becomes a :comments: (Comments) box and a pane appears at the right of your workspace.
  8. Enter your comment in the Comments box on the lower right of your workspace.
  9. Select Send comment and your comment appears in the right pane with a time stamp for collaborators to review.
    Frame-level Comments Demo

You can add additional comments to any frame and location throughout your video.

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