Using the Cropping Feature

You can crop images and workspace objects you’ve added to the workspace.

To crop images or objects in Bluescape:

  1. Select the image you would like to crop.

  2. Select :crop_image: (Crop). An adjustable, rectangular box appears over your image.

  3. Drag the corners of the box to the desired crop dimensions. The dimensions are present to help you size your image or object.

  4. Select Done.
    ICropping in your workspace

Note: The minimum size requirement for cropping is 40px.

You’re ready to open your workspace and crop elements! :bluescape_home:

For some reason the crop button isn’t showing in my toolbar, is there a way to enable this?

Hi @brittanyishh; thanks for reaching out. To help us get to the bottom of this: did you create the workspace you are using, or were you invited to it by another user? I ask because some of our customers are using our wall client and have features disabled as they are not available on the wall client. Otherwise, the feature is automatically enabled.

Another reason you may not see the crop capability is if the image is attached to another piece of content. If that is the case, I recommend detaching the image, cropping it, and then re-attaching the objects.

Want to restore the full image? Go to menu > style > reset.

Alternate method to crop an image: Double-click on image then select corner to begin cropping, then click Done to accept the change.

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