Signing on to Bluescape with a Microsoft or Google Account

Support Notes
This topic is not relevant to all Bluescape members and may not apply to all Organizations. If you’re unsure whether your Organization has this capability, please contact your IT department.
Non-SSO users wishing to use their Microsoft or Google account to connect to Bluescape must first sign up for a Bluescape account. New members may not sign on to Bluescape for the first time using Microsoft or Google credentials. You must register for Bluescape using the email address you intend to use with your Microsoft or Google account.

Using Your Microsoft or Google Account to Log On to Bluescape

Members logging on to SSO-enabled organizations should not use their Microsoft or Google credentials to access Bluescape. Contact your Bluescape administrator if you have questions.


  1. Access the Bluescape member login page:
    oidc logon example
  2. Select either your existing Google or Microsoft account:
    Google or Microsoft
  3. Enter your work email sign-on information and password:
    Enter your e-mail
    Enter your password
  4. If required, verify your identity:
  5. Enter the code provided and press verify:
  6. Review the requested permissions and press Accept:
    review permissions

After accepting the required access permissions, you are logged in to Bluescape:

What is OpenID Connect?

Microsoft and Google use OpenID Connect (OIDC) authentication protocol that adds an identity layer to OAuth 2.0 by profiling and extending it. Members can utilize OIDC to verify an end user’s identity using authorization server authentication. By layering OIDC on top of OAuth 2.0, a single framework is created that promises to protect APIs, mobile native apps, and browser apps in a unified design.

Note: As a user in a Single-Sign-On (SSO) organization with OpenID Connect (OIDC) enabled, when you log on to Bluescape, the workspaces you expect to see may not be present. If this condition occurs, see Unable to See SSO Workspaces After Logging On to Bluescape.

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