I'm unable to group select objects in a canvas

Support Note
This topic outlines a known issue that users may encounter. Bluescape is aware of this issue and is actively working on a resolution. This issue is estimated to be fixed in the next release, Feb. 11, 2022.

Actions performed to recreate:

  1. Created a canvas and added a few objects to the canvas
  2. Press the shift key and group select one or more objects inside the canvas

What’s expected to happen:

Only the grouped elements are selected, not the canvas.

What happens:

  1. Canvas automatically gets selected with the selected objects inside the canvas.

  2. I have two or more elements selected inside the canvas, and when I move them, only the selected elements move with the canvas. The other elements remain static and don’t move with the canvas even though they are contained inside the canvas.

Here are a few interim solutions you can try until this issue is fixed:

  1. Delete the canvas and group select the objects

  2. Select all, then shift-click the canvas, this will deselected the canvas. Or alternatively, press shift and click on individual objects to be grouped.

  3. You can also marquee select right-to-left which only selects the objects you completely surround.

Learn more about group selecting objects in this topic:

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What worked best for me was to resize the canvas to be smaller and to the side of my content so no content was wrapped in a canvas. I did my group select actions that I needed to and then just grabbed the canvas node to resize back over all of my content. Very quick.

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This issue has been addressed :white_check_mark: You are now able to group select objects contained in a canvas, without automatic selection of the canvas itself.

Read more about the fix here:

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