Designing a Garden Using a Bluescape Template 🌷

As a gardener :woman_farmer:, every spring can be overwhelming to plan and implement any changes to the garden. I have found using Bluescape templates to help organize all of my thoughts, ideas and inspirations. I used the “Design Critique” template and then personalized it to fit my planning needs for overhauling my garden.

The template helped me organize all the different elements that go into creating a beautiful space. Things I considered beginning this process were:

  • Garden space and size
  • Budget
  • Design
  • Types of plants
  • Timeline to complete

I created a step-by-step template which acts as an action plan moving left to right. Step One is the pre-planning phase I labeled as “Things to Consider.” Step 2 is the “Actions” I need to take to execute on my plan. Step 3 is the “Execution” phase, which will bring my vision to life. Step 4 is simply “Enjoy!”.

You will notice I created a section at the bottom for photos. In my template I included, inspiration photos, and left space for before and after photos. But you can customize this section to suit your own vision. This was an important element that helped me to visualize the project as a whole. Although I got a little lazy (oops!) with taking “Before Photos,” I highly recommend doing so, as you can really see your hard work pay off. This may even be useful for designing spaces other than a garden, i.e. interior designing.

:blossom: Happy gardening :tulip: